College Vision:

To improve quality of health care through provision of quality health science education and research for God’s Glory

College Mission.

All College, Hospital Staff and Students will endeavour to facilitate and implement training activities through cooperation and collaboration with concerned sectors and communities.

Corporate Goal of the College:

To equip Learners with adequate knowledge, Skills and appropriate Attitudes in promoting health, preventing diseases and caring for the sick as well as rehabilitating the debilitated individuals in all settings.

Major College Specific Roles of the College:

  • Form flexible courses and teach Students to be responsible to dynamic and rapidly changing health related works and in the society.
  •  Entice self-realization and team work skills that enable graduates to perform efficiently and aspire for higher level of learning.
  •  Build capacity of graduates to participate in the implementation of National Health Policy and its accompanying operational guidelines.
  •  Propagate and promote moral, legal and ethical conducts as Health Professionals.